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Ukraine's PM: I hope Ukraine will become EU member immediately after victory

Monday, 4 March 2024, 15:08
Ukraine's PM: I hope Ukraine will become EU member immediately after victory
Denys Shmyhal. Photo: Getty Images

Ukraine's Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, believes that the country will be able to join the European Union immediately after winning the war, and that it will complete its "homework" in two years.

Source: Shmyhal at a press conference on 4 March, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: "I have high hopes that political decisions regarding Ukraine's accession will be made immediately following our victory. I do not believe the EU will wait for some formalities as Ukraine completes its homework. We will have it done, there is no doubt... I want to believe that Ukraine will join the EU immediately following our victory, at the end of this war. We'll get our homework done in two years."


Details: Shmyhal noted that Ukraine is making rapid progress toward membership in the EU. According to him, the country has already self-screened its legislation for compliance with EU law, which shortens the duration of the negotiation process.

He expressed confidence that Ukraine would be able to complete all negotiation procedures "very quickly – up to two years." "We're ready to do our homework," Shmyhal stated.

Furthermore, he believes that the EU leaders will only need to make a political decision on Ukraine's accession, and the parliaments of EU member states will be able to ratify it.


  • Ukraine expects the European Commission to present it with its negotiation framework for future accession to the European Union no later than 12 March.
  • The negotiation framework is expected to be approved at an intergovernmental conference held following the EU leaders' March summit on 19 March. Convening an intergovernmental conference is the official start of accession negotiations.
  • The March EU summit is expected to assess Ukraine's latest moves in order to start the accession negotiations. Among these moves is the approval of the law on lobbying.

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