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Russians attack Kharkiv: residential building on fire, 7 killed

Russians hit Kharkiv with MLRS in evening

Russians attack Kharkiv: everyone must stay in shelters – Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration

One of largest attacks on Kharkiv took place overnight – Oblast Military Administration

Russian forces attack 5 Kharkiv neighbourhoods – Kharkiv Mayor

Kharkiv under artillery fire — Mayor

Russian occupiers attempted to break through Ukrainian defences in Kharkiv region and several other areas, but failed – General Staff

Occupiers attack Kharkiv, hit an apartment building and a public transport stop 

Russians launch more than 10 rockets on Kharkiv Oblast from Belgorod, some fail to reach their targets

Russian army launches attack on Kharkiv: 3 people wounded, child is in serious condition

Security Service of Ukraine reports on detaining a collaborator who was adjusting fire on Kharkiv - the Regional State Administration

Russia launches rockets on Kharkiv from Belgorod (Russia): Damage and destruction

Russian forces strike Kharkiv 4 times

Kharkiv spared from Russian shelling for the second time in August

Russian forces strike Kharkiv, damaging power pole and tram rails

Russians damage Kharkiv thermal power plant which provides one-third of the city with heat – Oblast Military Administration

Explosions in Kharkiv: Russia strikes infrastructure facility

Russian rockets hit Kharkiv

Russia attacks Kharkiv, explosions rock the city

Russians shell Kharkiv, leaving casualties

Kharkiv is ready for a possible Russian offensive – head of the oblast

Russia strike Kharkiv with missiles launched from Belgorod, Russia

Powerful explosions rock Kharkiv

Russian forces shell Kharkiv bus stop, one person died

Occupiers shell Kharkiv using S-300 missiles, there is damage

Large fire following Russian S-300 missiles striking Kharkiv college – Kharkiv Mayor

Russian rockets strike Kharkiv – Kharkiv Mayor

Russian forces strike university in central Kharkiv

Police officer guarding a power plant was killed during the shelling of Kharkiv

Russia strikes Kharkiv with S-300 missiles