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Russians shelled Kharkiv: 3 people hospitalised, including a child

Kharkiv shelling: 3 dead, 5 more injured

Civilians dead and injured as Russians hit Kharkiv again

Remains of two Russian soldiers killed during attack on Kharkiv were dug up near the metro

Russian forces shell Kharkiv Oblast: civilian casualties

Russians hit Kharkiv with missiles in the morning

Russians launch two missile strikes on Kharkiv late at night: fire breaks out

Two civilians killed and at least 6 wounded in Russian attacks on Kharkiv Oblast

Another Russian attack on Kharkiv: there are casualties, a fire started

Russians attack Kharkiv, killing at least four people and injuring 19

The Russians again shelled a nuclear facility in Kharkiv

Two people were killed and ten injured in Russian shelling in Kharkiv region

Russians revealed their intention to blow up children's hospital in Kharkiv

Heavy-duty Russian bomb is removed from the roof of a nine-story building in Kharkiv

Kharkiv Oblast: Two civilians killed in Russian shelling have been pulled out from under the rubble in Zolochiv

Kharkiv metro attack: metro worker wounded, trains damaged

Kharkiv shelling: 5 civilians killed, including a child, 11 wounded

Russian forces fire on Kharkiv and its oblast, injuring three children

Russia deploys a mystery decoy munition on Kharkiv

Commander of the 92nd Brigade tells how they managed to hold Kharkiv

2 civilians killed in fires caused by Russian shelling of Kharkiv on 8 June

Russians kill 5 residents of Kharkiv Oblast, wound 12 more and hit a supermarket

New shelling of Kharkiv: one killed and three others injured

Sombre waltz of Kharkiv high school graduates in front of their school's ruins

Russians again shelling Kharkiv – Oblast State Administration

Casualties in Kharkiv after night shelling

Kharkiv: four people found dead in the rubble of a house shelled in February

Three civilians killed in Kharkiv region in 24 hours, child killed in the morning

Kharkiv is shelled again: a teenager and two other people have been wounded

Zelenskyy fires Kharkiv Security Service Head and hands him over to law enforcement