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defence intelligence

UK Intelligence comments on Russian exercises on international conflict scenario

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence predicts new nuclear threats from Russia

Zelenskyy holds daily conference call, talks to Budanov for a long time – there is a lot to say

Ukrainian special operation forces land in Crimea, battle with losses occurs – Defence Intelligence

Russia lacks sufficient air defence systems so is redeploying them from Far East – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Special operation Barynia: part of extracted Russian soldiers want to be sent back to Russia – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Ukrainian drones attack Russian aircraft plant producing Kh-59s

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence strikes Russian helicopter base in Sochi – Ukrainska Pravda source

Special operation Barynia: Ukraine's Defence Intelligence recruits Russian soldier

Ukraine brings back paratroopers hiding under occupation for more than a year and a half

Russia engages new 25th Combined Arms Army in combat, reducing risks of large-scale offensive – UK intelligence

UK Intelligence: Russian counterattacks to deter Ukraine's Armed Forces ill-conceived and unsuccessful

Saboteurs perform successful work in Russia's Moscow and Kaluga oblasts – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

UK Defence Intelligence explains intensification of attacks by Ukraine and Russia in deep rear

Russian army faces difficulties after year of mobilisation due to absence of rotation – UK intelligence

Unknown saboteurs blow up two aircraft and helicopter in Moscow Oblast – Defence Intelligence

UK intelligence reports weakening of Russian positions in Bakhmut

Russia intensifies operations in lower Dnipro River area in Kherson Oblast – UK Intelligence

Russia deploys elite paratroopers in large numbers near Robotyne – UK intelligence

Chechen leader Kadyrov is in critical condition – Ukrainian intelligence

Russian landing ship destroyed, and it will take years to repair submarine − UK intelligence

Ukraine's intelligence chief is admitted to postgraduate Political Science course at university in Rivne Oblast

Ukrainian intelligence on potential new wave of mobilisation in Russia: "End of September, decision to be made in autumn"

Russians receive explosive "gift" in occupied Enerhodar – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Ukrainian Navy controls Black Sea part with oil rigs for over year: there is "grey zone" there

Russia changes air defence positions to protect Moscow from drones – UK intelligence

Defence Intelligence shows footage of special operation on oil platforms in Black Sea

More Russians willing to surrender after Ukraine's successful operation with Russian helicopter theft – Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Drones are being launched at Russian airfields from Russia – UK intelligence

Сounteroffensive will continue in cold and wet weather – Defence Intelligence Chief