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defence intelligence

Russia creates long-term psychological operations in US and Europe – NYT

Ukraine's Security Service and Armed Forces launch drone strike on Russian brigade in Crimea, dozens of casualties reported

Russia considers mobilising another 450,000 people – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Chief

Prigozhin's death may have destabilising effect on Wagner – UK Defence Intelligence

Defence Intelligence reveals new details of special operation in Crimea

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Chief on special operation in Crimea: There will be ground operation and recovery of territories

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Chief on recent explosions near Crimean Bridge: There was another target

German Vice Chancellor criticises German intelligence for incorrect predictions on war in Ukraine

Special operation in Crimea continues, it's long-term thing – Defence Intelligence source

Ukrainian flag flies at night in occupied Crimea

Turkish company gifts Bayraktar drone to Ukraine's Defence Intelligence on Independence Day

Ukraine's intelligence lands in Crimea during special operation

He feels great – Budanov on Russian pilot who flew Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine

Ukraine's Intelligence Chief says Russia has only 27 strategic bombers at its disposal

Ukrainian forces damage Russian plane in combat near Zmiinyi Island – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Russian army unable to move vehicles quickly due to damaged bridges – UK intelligence

Attack on Shaikovka airfield: Ukraine's Defence Intelligence confirms at least one damaged aircraft

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence officers release video of destruction of Russian jammer

Ukraine's offensive success in south is successful, Russia's in Kharkiv Oblast is not – UK intelligence

Drone "drops by" occupiers' meeting in Enerhodar, Colonel of Russian Internal Ministry injured

Russia will try to avoid mobilisation but will recruit contractors – Estonian intelligence

Latvian intelligence: Putin's regime is stable, protests unlikely

Zelenskyy talks about daily morning meeting with state bodies and announces news

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence asks Ukrainians under occupation to provide data on Russian "elections"

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence confirms Russia is assembling Shahed attack UAVs: reason for Ukraine to step up air defence

Defence Intelligence interception: Russian soldier plans to escape from front with loot

It is Russia that must worry about Ukraine's Independence Day, not Ukraine – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Ukrainian military replace Zmiinyi Island border sign destroyed by Russians

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence posts video of Russians being wiped out in Black Sea

Suicides among Russian officers increases since Russian invasion began – Defence Intelligence