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defence intelligence

Russia expects war with NATO over the next decade – Estonian intelligence

Russia buys Starlink equipment for military use through Arab countries

Russians buying Starlink satellite equipment through third countries – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Russian attack drone operators being trained in Syria

UK intelligence anticipates more accidents at Russian plants

UK intelligence comments on Russia's offensive efforts in Avdiivka in recent weeks

UK intelligence discusses impact of Ivanovets' destruction on the Russian Navy

Russia may have to make sacrifices to solve budget deficit, says UK Defence Intelligence

UK Defence Intelligence: Corruption thrives in Russian army, undermining military effectiveness

UK intelligence describes fate of Wagner Group remnants

UK intelligence reports about new cases of Russia bombing its own cities

Russia is forming Federal Security Service detachments to deploy on Ukrainian border

Russia is looking for new ways to suppress criticism of the war – UK Defence Intelligence

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence reveals details of operation to destroy Tu-22 strategic bombers in Russia

CIA tries to recruit spies in Russia via social media

Defence Intelligence explains how strikes on Russian oil depots benefit Ukrainian army

Russian Kh-101 missiles are different from those used in 2022 – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Resistance movement burns railway equipment and other facilities in three Russian cities – Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Russia's successes in Avdiivka are limited and price is high – UK intelligence

Defence Intelligence chief: Destruction of A-50 aircraft likely to affect Russians' ability to communicate

Russians assemble about 350 Shahed drones per month – Ukrainian intelligence

1000 people join Russian army every day – Deputy Chief of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Russians produce about 115-130 strategic missiles per month – Deputy Chief of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Ukrainian resistance in Melitopol blows up Russians along with their equipment

Figure of 500,000 Russian army recruits over past year is overstated – UK intelligence

Increased number of missile strikes indicates that Russia considers F-16s in Ukraine threatening – Estonian Defence Intelligence

Intensive use of drones makes both Russian and Ukrainian offensive operations impossible

Ukraine's intelligence: Putin receives artillery shells, MLRS rockets and mines from Kim Jong Un

Russia increases ammunition production, but its quality is dropping – Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

UK intelligence assesses impact of winter weather on course of war