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defence intelligence

Fake news about Putin's death intended to test Russians' reaction – Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Ukrainian Intelligence releases video of strike on Russian radar station

UK Defence Intelligence explains what change of Russian commander on Kherson front means

Car with 4 FSB representatives inside blown up in Berdiansk

Defence Intelligence unit destroys Russian ammunition storage point in Donetsk

Russia retains significant artillery capacity near Dnipro River – UK intelligence

Russia concentrates over 400,000 soldiers in Ukraine

CIA works closely with Ukraine and has invested tens of millions of dollars – WP

Higher military spending will force Russian government to make difficult decisions – UK intelligence

Russia will pressure on two fronts for some time but will not achieve breakthrough – Estonian Intelligence

Attack on airfield in Berdiansk will affect Russia's capabilities on battlefield – UK intelligence

Kerch bridge will still operate in limited mode after repair – UK intelligence

UK intelligence, like ISW, considers Russian breakthrough to Kupiansk and Lyman unlikely

Ukraine's intelligence chief recalls first few days of full-scale invasion

UK intelligence believes Russia is stockpiling missiles before strikes on Ukraine

Russians wanted to carry out controlled radiation leak at occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

Ukraine's intelligence chief on Prigozhin: We still don't know if he died or not

Russia actively cooperates with Belarusian industry to ramp up ammunition production – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Ukraine's Intelligence explains why Chechen leader Kadyrov is still alive, despite his very serious condition

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence on combating Wagner in Africa: We're countering them everywhere

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence explains where Russian Volunteer Corps and Freedom of Russia Legion have disappeared to

Russia prepares everything for open mobilisation but not ready to announce it now

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence tries to hit unique military components production in Russia

Videos on Russians' phones show them looting and committing crimes in Kyiv and Kharkiv oblasts

Russian troops' combat capability low due to mental health crisis – UK intelligence

Russian intelligence forms shadow mercenary army disguised as volunteers

UK intelligence reveals how Russia's alliance with Iran strengthened in recent years

Hamas attack is biggest failure of Israeli intelligence over 50 years

Russia boosts defensive fortifications on outskirts of Tokmak – UK Intelligence

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence posts video of special forces landing in occupied Crimea