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defence intelligence

Drones are being launched at Russian airfields from Russia – UK intelligence

Сounteroffensive will continue in cold and wet weather – Defence Intelligence Chief

Russians attack Ukraine with newly-made weapons

No civilians suffered in "unknown drones" attacks in Russia – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Chief

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence reveals number of Russian troops in Ukraine

"Let's just wait and see": Ukraine's Defence Intelligence on Prigozhin's death

Ukrainian Defence Intelligence believes that information about Musk and Starlink's work on Crimea should be verified

Ukrainian Armed Forces breach front line of Russian defence – Estonian intelligence

Ukrainian Defence Intelligence identifies a list of Russian facilities to be destroyed

Alternative routes are unlikely to equal grain export capacities across Black Sea – UK Intelligence

US intelligence believes Ukraine can break through Russia's remaining defence lines by end of year

Zelenskyy promotes Budanov to Lieutenant General on Intelligence Day

Russian pilot who flew Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine will get half a million dollars

Russian pilot reveals details of flying Mi-8 to Ukraine and persuading crew to surrender

Ukrainian reconnaissance unit receives set of UAVs for work in Russia's rear

Ukrainian fleet of combat helicopters soon to be replenished with Russian Mi-8

Russia uses hacking attacks against Ukrainian military − UK intelligence

Russian pilot who brought Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine calls upon other Russians to follow his example

Ukrainian intelligence on special operation to lure out Russian Mi-8 helicopter pilot

Russia will want revenge after losing the war, this may happen in 10 years – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Chief

Airfield in Pskov attacked from Russian territory: media shows moment of strike

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence posts video of Russian aircraft chasing Ukrainian drone in Crimea

Workshop for production of missile electronics on fire near Moscow

Belarus is not ready to use nuclear weapons, but it is training – Defence Intelligence chief

Drone attack on Pskov: Ukraine's Defence Intelligence confirms destroying 4 Il-76 aircraft and damaging 2 more

UK intelligence reports on desertions in Russian army and soldiers refusing to take part in hostilities

Defence Intelligence special unit commander reveals details of operations on the Black Sea

Kremlin prepares new disinformation campaign: Ukraine is "surrendering" Kupiansk and more – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

From Ukraine's intelligence with "love": Kamikaze drone hits collaborator's window

Russia begins assembling Shahed attack UAVs domestically and increases missile production – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence