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defence intelligence

Russia plans to restore military capabilities that it had in 2022 by 2028 – Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence

Russia believes key to victory is internal destabilisation in Ukraine, Head of Foreign Intelligence Service says

UK Defence Intelligence says Russia rehabilitates Wagner Group after attempted mutiny

Level of civilian flight danger in Russia triples, and 35% of aircraft dismantled – Ukrainian intelligence

Fighting near Krynky unpleasant for Russia – UK intelligence

Poland completes investigation into Russian spy network: 16 people to be tried

Ukraine's Intelligence posts footage of Crimean Bridge, implying future strike

The story of a Ukrainian reconnaissance officer who crawled for three days and two nights

This is a story about invincibility. About a struggle against thirst, despair and deadly fatigue from which you eventually emerge victorious. It’s a love story too. Told in the special agent’s own words

Zelenskyy dismisses deputy head of Ukraine's Foreign Intelligence Service

Ukraine holds its liberated positions on left bank of Dnipro River – Estonian intelligence

Black Box project for Ukraine's intelligence causes US$900 million in damage to Russians

​​Ukraine's Defence Intelligence reveals details of special operations in Crimea

Russians are trying to get closer to Coke and Chemical Plant in Avdiivka but will suffer heavy losses − UK intelligence

UK intelligence speaks about Putin's moves indicating preparations for re-election

Russian boats hit in Crimea on 10 November beyond repair

Russia scares Ukrainians in Gaza Strip and proposes its evacuation

Zelenskyy holds Defence Intelligence meeting to discuss important outcomes of intelligence operations

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence was behind killing of former head of "Luhansk People's Republic Militia"

FSB claims it detained Ukrainian intelligence accomplice in Russia's Buryatia

Ukrainian attack on warship in Kerch may force Russia to move its fleet further – UK intelligence

Russia produced 115 high-precision missiles in October, with 870 missiles in stock in total – intelligence

Russia's economy may "overheat" due to transition to war mode – UK intelligence

Russia lost about 200 pieces of armoured vehicles – UK Defence Intelligence on Avdiivka's assault

Russia conducts unsuccessful tests of nuclear weapons carriers

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence believes Russia tracked all reactions to reports of Putin's death

Estonian Defence Intelligence: Ukraine's Armed Forces inflict heavy losses on Russia near Avdiivka

UK Defence Intelligence explains why neither Ukrainians nor Russians can advance

No Russian PMC can compete with Wagner in its prime – Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Tens of Shahed drones analogues produced in Russia every month

North Korea could also provide Russia with ballistic missiles