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Nord Stream 2

Sweden to wrap up Nord Stream explosions investigation

Zelenskyy comments on Washington Post investigation claiming Ukraine planned to blow up Nord Stream pipelines

Washington Post claims US knew Ukraine was planning to blow up Nord Stream gas pipeline

Russian warships visited sites of explosions on Nord Stream before incident

Denmark's Armed Forces confirm Russian ship was seen near the site of Nord Stream explosion

Putin blames US for Nord Stream explosions

Russian warships were near Nord Stream gas pipelines few days before explosions

Putin calls speculation about Ukrainian involvement in Nord Stream explosion "nonsense"

Zelenskyy denies Ukraine's involvement in Nord Stream explosions

President's Office explains why it was Russia that had motive to blow up Nord Streams, not Ukraine

Ukraine's Defence Minister on "Ukrainian trace" in explosions on Russian gas pipelines: Flattering, but it is not us

Advisor to Head of Ukrainian President's Office responds to NYT article on Ukrainian trace in blowing up Nord Stream pipelines

Putin accuses US of blowing up Nord Stream gas pipelines

President’s Office considers leak on gas pipeline a terrorist attack by Russia

"Drug addiction" – Kuleba responds to calls for Northern Stream-2 launch

Nord Stream 2 operating company officially announces bankruptcy

The operating company of the Nord Stream 2 Russian gas pipeline has been forced to announce bankruptcy following Western sanctions, according to the Finance Minister of the Canton of Zug, Sylvia Talmann-Gut, in an interview with Swiss outlet SRF.