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Ukraine's Security Service detains two foreigners in Odesa recruited by Russia's FSB

Belgium expels dozens of Russian spies in recent months

Bundestag wants explanations for Russia's alleged interception of German generals' conversations

Bulgaria expels married couple of Russian spies posing as Bulgarians

Resident of Cherkasy Oblast sold information about Ukrainian forces to Russia – photo

Russian reconnaissance sonar found on Lithuanian coast

Several Ukrainian security service officials revealed to be Russian double agents – photo

"Look for Leopards, Bradleys and HIMARS": Orders of Russian spy detained in Donetsk Oblast – video

CIA tries to recruit spies in Russia via social media

Retired colonel who spied for Wagner Group intelligence sentenced to 15 years in prison – photo

Ukrainian lawmaker Honcharenko says he detected bugging at his home, police launch investigation

Russian proxy who attempted to recruit Ukrainian officer in Odesa sentenced to 15 years in prison – photo

Security Service of Ukraine detains chorister from Russian-linked church who adjusted Russian fire in Zaporizhzhia – photo

Ukraine's Security Service detains FSB informant who worked through intermediary from Moscow-linked church – photo

Media outlet uncovers which OSCE officials may still be working for the Kremlin

Ukraine's Security Service reacts to interpretation of senior official's words: We neutralise spies on regular basis

Russia intensifies activities of its spies – Ukraine's National Security Council Secretary

US penetrates Russian surveillance system used by FSB

Ukraine's Security Service detains Russian spy adjusting missile attack on Kharkiv

Ukraine's Security Service catches Russian mole in Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration

Slovenian Prime Minister at centre of scandal over detention of Russian spies

Russia's top representative to EU might be a spy

Fifth of Russian spies in Europe are in Switzerland

Russia's FSB detains alleged "spies" daily in Crimea in wake of attacks on military facilities

Slovakia declares Russian "diplomat" persona non grata

Russia expels two American diplomats accused of espionage

Russian secret services recruited Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Crimean railway employees involved in spying on passengers

Russians demand people in occupation to download spyware app

Group of Russian spies lived near military base in Britain