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Andrii Yermak

President’s Office on Odesa attack: the best guarantee of security is to supply more weapons to Ukraine

Ukrainian pilots to be trained to fly fighter jets in US – Head of President’s Office

Andrii Yermak suggests creating a commission in the Parliament to monitor the receipt of weapons

Congresswoman Spartz calls on Yermak to resign

Congresswoman Spartz explains her claims: the issue is not with Yermak, but control over support to Ukraine

Claims against Yermak are, for now, a matter for the Americans – Zelenskyy’s associate

Co-chair of US Congressional Ukraine Caucus accuses Spartz of playing along with Putin

"Zelenskyy must solve this problem": Spartz listed the accusations against Yermak

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Congresswoman Spartz of trying to "earn political capital" by allegations against Yermak

US Congresswoman requests that Biden give an briefing on the security of negotiations with Yermak

Group convened by President’s Office and ex-Secretary General of NATO begins work on Ukraine’s security guarantees

There are no people among Ukrainian officials who allow the existence of "Minsk-3:" Head of the President’s Office

The defenders of Mariupol are alive and work on their release never stops – Yermak

Database of Russian executioners of Ukrainians created

The sanctions plan against Russia implemented almost halfway - head of the President's Office, Andrii Yermak

Details of Zelenskyy and Johnson’s talk are revealed

Russians intent on repeat of Holodomor - head of President’s Office

Shell craters in fields, explosions and destruction: Maxar showed pictures from the east, Yermak commented

Yermak showed American armoured vehicles being delivered to Ukraine

Yermak pushes partners on multiple launch rocket systems: Ukraine is paying with people's lives

Borodyanka sets up makeshift housing for emergency workers

Russia has been preparing provocations as a pretext for missile strikes on Kyiv - Yermak

Yermak asks US for more heavy weapons to defend against Russian 'barbarians'

Yermak calls the battle for Donbas a key moment in the war

Office of the President of Ukraine: Russia is preparing new fakes concerning Ukrainian soldiers

Yermak: Russia will suffer a crushing defeat in Donbas

Yermak: You can't win a war without offensive weapons, you need a lend-lease

Ukraine’s President establishes Humanitarian and Social Affairs Coordination Headquarters led by Yermak

Babiy Yar attack: Holocost victims ‘killed again’

Andriy Yermak, head of the Office of the President of Ukraine has shared that the Russian rocket which hit the Kyiv TV tower, has also affected the nearby Babiy Yar memorial complex.