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Andrii Yermak

Ukraine's Head of President's Office on peace summits and negotiations: Russia will need to be involved at end of war

Head of President's Office holds meetings with over 30 delegations in Jeddah: Topics

President's Office posts video of Kakhovka Reservoir after Russians' blowing up of Kakhovka HPP

Ukraine begin negotiations with US on security guarantees – Ukraine's President's Office chief

Second phase of Peace Formula: Ukraine's President's Office chief announces meeting with advisers in Saudi Arabia

Head of Ukrainian President's Office posts photo of himself and Ukrainian military commanders amidst events in Russia

Head of Zelenskyy's Office tries to involve Brazil and India in Ukrainian peace plan

Head of Zelenskyy's office on accusations of cooperation with FSB: I find it funny to hear

Head of President’s Office describes meeting between Azovstal defender’s wife and head of Red Cross: "No reaction"

Ukraine's invitation to NATO may become a key factor in ending the war – Head of President's Office

India determines its position on vital Ukrainian matters – President's Office

Head of Ukrainian President's Office reveals what he discussed with Chinese envoy

Air defence working on targets

Russia launches missile attack on Toretsk, Donetsk Oblast, there are casualties

Zelenskyy and his office's head met with US Congress representatives: US politician born in Ukraine also present

Expert Group on Russian Sanctions suggests charging a fee "for Ukraine" when issuing visas to Russians

Head of Ukrainian President's Office discusses current situation at front line with Biden's adviser

2023 may be turning point in impact of sanctions on Russia

Saudi Arabia will supply Ukraine with aid worth $400 million – Head of President's Office

US and Ukraine have common understanding of what victory is

President's Office suggests that UK may unblock supply of aircraft to Ukraine

Russia working on psy-op against Ukrainian officials – Ukrainian Intelligence

Tymoshenko dismissed as deputy head of Office of President of Ukraine

Ukraine brings back another 140 prisoners of war

Head of President’s Office wants second term for Zelenskyy

Yermak: There is already feeling of Ukraine's victory

Office of President of Ukraine announces next sanction target in Russia

US promises to supply equipment for fast restoration of Ukraine’s energy facilities

Zelensky suggests to Biden that global peace summit be convened

Head of President’s Office hopes Vatican will continue to support Ukraine