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Andrii Yermak

Sent as "cannon fodder": Yermak talks about role of Russian "cons" near Bakhmut

Russian "Holodomor 2.0" plans will be ruined

Russia wants to provoke another refugee crisis in Europe by targeting peaceful Ukrainian cities

Yermak on predictions about end of war in spring: Sounds like dream

Ukraine, together with its allies, develops Joint Declaration on Ukrainian Air Shield

President's Office creates human rights headquarters amid International Red Cross inaction

Office of the President of Ukraine: United States in agreement with what should be considered as Ukraine’s victory in the war

Zelensky instructed staff to come up with ways to help starving countries

107 Ukrainian defenders are liberated from captivity, most from Azovstal

Events of last few days put end to Russian "blackmail diplomacy" – Head of President’s Office

First step in security guarantees will be provision of air defence systems

10 more Ukrainian soldiers released from Russian captivity

Head of Office of President of Ukraine talks to US, UK and French top-level advisers about air defence and security guarantees

Office of Ukrainian President: Russia only gets language of power, we must collectively destroy the enemy

Yermak-McFaul Group proposes democratic governments list of Russians to face sanctions

Head of Office of President of Ukraine meets Jewish organisations and requests aid

President’s Office: Ukraine has already destroyed half the potential of NATO's main threat - Russia

Yermak issues an "ultimatum" to the Red Cross: demands to visit Olenivka

Ukraine welcomes home 32 prisoners and recovers the body of a fallen Israeli citizen

If world fails to respond harshly to Russia’s nuclear blackmail, there will be nuclear wars — Head of Office of President of Ukraine

Ukraine's Yermak talks to Biden's advisor and members of US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Russia's threats with referendums and mobilisation are not going to work

The first document on security guarantees for Ukraine presented at the Office of the President

Sanctions plan against Russia 70% implemented – Office of the President

Security guarantees: Office of the President of Ukraine announces new phase of war and calls for decisive actions

Drawing attention to Ukraine: Zelenskyy discusses cooperation with TV host Jimmy Fallon

First document on security guarantees for Ukraine will appear by the end of the summer – Office of the President

Ukraine’s Office of the President hints who is behind the explosions in Crimea: This will continue until it is liberated completely

To stop the war, we must quickly destroy the Russian economy – Yermak

Ending the active phase of the war is vital before onset of winter — Office of the President