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Looting Russian soldiers wife asks for laptop and new sports clothes from Ukraine intercepted calls

Wednesday, 30 March 2022, 11:52

Iryna Balachuk  — Wednesday, 30 March 2022, 11:52

A Russian soldier, in a telephone call with his wife, bragged about the "cosmetics, branded trainers, and quality T-shirts" that he had stolen for her from a Ukrainian home. She asked him to also get her a laptop and some sports clothes.

Source: Russian troops’ intercepted calls published by the Security Service of Ukraine


Details: The Russian soldier says that the residents of the house which he looted were quite well-off: they had a nice place, quality stuff, and took "expensive" vitamins; they even had a sauna that the Russians had already used to "work up a sweat for the past two days."

Here is the transcript of the conversation between this soldier, called Andrey, and his wife:

Andrey: "I have stolen some cosmetics for you. They are mostly testers though."

Wife: "That will do – it will be a souvenir from Ukraine. Why, it’s fine. What kind of  Russian person would steal nothing?"

Andrey: "There are women’s trainers, well, they are NB, they are branded, everything here is. Size 38. They are totally cool. Everything is of good quality here, all the clothes."

Wife: "Probably, all the boys have taken stuff there."

Andrey: "Yeah, everything is being carted away in bagfuls, if I had an opportunity, I would have taken a laptop, but you could get into trouble [for that]."

Wife: "Well, think about it, Sofia is going to school – she will f*cking need a laptop, too."

Andrey: "Well, a kind of sporty family lives here, I took expensive vitamins, new football and hockey shirts."

Wife: "Well, it is clear – you took vitamins for us. Well, take, take everything. Andrey, take whatever you can, T-shirts are always needed in any case."

Andrey: "I also took shorts. The stuff is of [good] quality here, of course. I was [surprised] when I came into the room."

Wife: "[Imagine] how they lived, right? And how we live. That’s what they are fighting for. They say, ‘We were living well, it’s you who came here.’".

Andrey: "The house, the refurbishment are simply [astonishing]. [It’s] covered in stone, the furniture is all wicker. We’ve been steaming in the sauna here for two days."

Wife: "Oh, wow. Were there any tracksuits by any chance? You should have taken some nice-looking tracksuits."