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Pivden [South] Operational Command: Russia has left on patrol 2 ships, the rest are in Crimea

Saturday, 14 May 2022, 19:35


As of 14 May, the Russian Black Sea Fleet had left two ships on patrol, and an attempt by the Russians to seize posts of observation in the Tokareve area of the Kherson region failed.

Source: Pivden [South] Operational Command


Quote: "The ship group of enemy forces left 2 ships on patrol and, the rest - restores forces and replenishing stocks on bases in Crimea. But the threat of a rocket attack and a desperate landing attack does not diminish."

Details: Meanwhile, in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, Russian troops continue to strengthen their positions, and the humanitarian crisis is gaining momentum in the occupied territories, according to Pivden [South] Operational Command. 

According to the Ukrainian side, the collaborating authority, appointed from incompetent people, is not able to solve administrative and economic issues.

"Providing the region manually with situational supplies of food, fuel, medicine and others no longer even creates the illusion of prosperity. The collaborators themselves are looking for ways  to flee to Crimea to escape responsibility and imposed duties," Pivden [South] Operational Command said.

In addition, Pivden [South] Operational Command reports that Russians are not conducting active offensive operations.

"A impertinent attempt by an enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group under the guise of artillery fire to seize posts of observation in the Tokareve area was unsuccessful " (this village in the Velykooleksandrivka village community of Kherson Oblast - ed.) - and the Russian military retreated, they added.

Earlier, the Pivden [South] Operational Command reported that the Russian troops are trying to strengthen their positions on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island and have moved their air defence systems there.