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Medvedev says Russia will not allow World War III

Tuesday, 17 May 2022, 21:05
Medvedev says Russia will not allow World War III

Kateryna Tyshchenko - Tuesday, 17 May 2022, 21:05

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy head of the Russian Security Council, has said that the Russian Federation would not allow World War III to break out.

Source: Medvedev on Telegram after visiting the Russian Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov


Direct quote: "The history of the Nuclear Center in Sarov is forever linked to the names of those who created our country’s nuclear shield. The arsenal of modern, reliable, effective weapons cools down the ambitions of those who are ready to start World War III with their own and others' hands. We will not allow such a situation to happen.

"But we have to constantly remind them that we can give an immediate and overwhelmingly powerful response to an attack on our country. We can repulse any aggression which threatens our state."

Details: In the video, Medvedev says that Russia needs to speed up the development of applied science aiming to achieve specific results as quickly as possible.

"When you are here, you keep thinking about fundamental research and about how sometimes even scientists cannot imagine the uses to which their discoveries will be put in the very short term... Much of what is being done at Sarov now and what is being done at our other research centres may turn out to be very relevant in practice very soon," he said.

Previously: On 12 May, Medvedev said that the pumping by NATO countries of weapons into Ukraine was increasing the likelihood of full-scale nuclear war.

Medvedev had earlier said Russia could use nuclear weapons in four scenarios, one of which was an act of aggression against Russia or its allies that would put the country's existence at risk. Medvedev later said that sanctions against Russia could be seen as an act of aggression by Western countries.