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Russian strike on Vinnytsia: 23 civilians killed, 5 injured in critical condition

Thursday, 14 July 2022, 20:09
Russian strike on Vinnytsia: 23 civilians killed, 5 injured in critical condition


The death toll in the wake of the Russian strike on Vinnytsia on 14 July has risen to 23. Another 64 civilians have been hospitalised, five of them are in critical condition.

Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine on Facebook


Details: According to rescue workers, 23 people were killed as a result of the Russian strike, including three children.

At least 115 people have appealed for help.

In addition, 64 civilians have been hospitalised with injuries, including two children.

The SES also notes that 34 of the injured are in serious condition, and another five are in critical condition.

Search and rescue operations are ongoing.

Reminder: According to the police, 39 people are considered missing.


  • On the morning of 14 July, Russian forces hit the centre of Vinnytsia with rockets, causing several fires to break out. 
  • According to the General Staff, three Russian missiles hit the city of Vinnytsia, and another two were destroyed by anti-aircraft missile forces in the area near the village of Rakhny, Vinnytsia Oblast.
  • The Air Force Command reported that the Russians attacked Vinnytsia with Kalibr missiles, which were launched from a submarine in the Black Sea.
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called this missile attack a terrorist act.
  • Margarita Simonyan, a Russian propagandist, claimed – citing the Russian Ministry of Defence – that the missile attack on Vinnytsia, which killed more than 20 civilians, was launched on a "nationalist accommodation point."