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Russia struck Vinnytsia from a ship near Cape Fiolent in Crimea – Pivden (South) Operational Command

Friday, 15 July 2022, 02:33

FRIDAY, 15 JULY 2022, 02:33

On 14 July, Russian forces fired three Kalibr missiles from a missile ship near Cape Fiolent in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Source: Pivden (South) Operational Command on Facebook


Quote: "A small missile ship [a missile carrying corvette - ed.] launched three Kalibr missiles, which hit Vinnytsia, from the area of Cape Fiolent."

Details: Fiolent is a cape on the Heracles Peninsula in the Balaklava District, near the city of Sevastopol.

Earlier: The Office of the President of Ukraine and the Air Force Command have reported that the Russians struck Vinnytsia with Kalibr missiles launched from a submarine in the Black Sea.


  • On the morning of 14 July, the Russian forces launched a missile attack on the centre of Vinnytsia, causing several fires to break out.
  • The General Staff reported that three Russian missiles had hit the city, and two more had been struck down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile forces near ​​the village of Rakhny in Vinnytsia Oblast.
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, has called this strike a terrorist attack.
  • Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan, referring to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, claims that the missile attack on Vinnytsia, which killed 20 civilians, was allegedly carried out on a "nationalists’ accommodation point."
  • Currently, the death toll of the Russian missile attack on Vinnytsia has increased to 23, 64 people have been hospitalised, 5 are in critical condition.