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Doctor’s death brings Vinnytsia death toll to 25

Tuesday, 19 July 2022, 09:45
Doctor’s death brings Vinnytsia death toll to 25

Olena Roshchina TUESDAY, 19 JULY 2022, 09:45

Neurologist Natalia Falshtynska, who worked at the Neuromed clinic and was a victim of the rocket attack by the Russians on 14 July, has died in Vinnytsia. 

Source: Serhii Borzov, head of the Vinnytsia Oblast administration; Neuromed clinic


Quote: "Neurologist Natalia Falshtynska died in hospital today.

When the rocket arrived, she was seeing patients at the Neuromed clinic.

Three children have been left without their mother."

Наталя Фальштинська
Natalia Falshtynska

Details: This brings the death toll from the rocket attack on the centre of Vinnytsia to 25.

The Neuromed medical centre bore the brunt of the missile strike on Vinnytsia on 14 July. Its premises on the first floor of the Yuveleinyi building, was completely destroyed, while staff and patients were inside.

The clinic reported that as a result of the Russian missile hit, administrator Kateryna Hula and manager Tetiana Kharchenko were killed and two doctors were seriously injured: paediatric neurologist Pavlo Kovalchuk and neurologist Natalia Falshtinskaya.


  • On the morning of 14 July Russians hit the centre of Vinnytsia with rockets, causing fires to break out. According to various sources, there were between 2 and 4 explosions, and 4 more missiles over the region were shot down by air defence forces.
  • The Officers’ House, which was used as a concert hall and a venue for clubs, the Yuveleinyi building and a diagnostic centre were destroyed.
  • The Russians have changed their story about the purpose and consequences of the missile strike on the Vinnytsia Officers’ House three times.
  • On 16 July, employees of the State Emergency Service rescued 3 people from the rubble at the site of the missile strike in Vinnytsia. The fate of another person was unknown. 24 people died, including three children, 202 people sought medical help, and 68 of them were hospitalised, including 4 children.
  • Several casualties were airlifted to a burns centre in Lviv.