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"We need only stormtroopers": a video of Prigozhyn recruiting Russian prisoners published

Wednesday, 14 September 2022, 22:35
We need only stormtroopers: a video of Prigozhyn recruiting Russian prisoners published

Ukrainska Pravda — Wednesday, 14 September 2022, 22:35

The video of an oligarch Yevgenii Prigozhyn, who is close to Vladimir Putin and organised a so-called Wagner Private Military Company (PMC), personally encouraging Russian prisoners to go to war in Ukraine, has been published online. 

Source: Video on journalist Simon Ostrovsky’s Twitter


Details: On a video, which has appeared in mercenaries’ public channels as well, a man that resembles Prigozhyn, speaks before prisoners in a Russian penitentiary establishment. Where and when this video has been recorded, is unknown. 

The man in the video says, in particular, that he needs "only stormtroopers". 

Quote: "I have planes of different types in the PMC, I have MLRS, tanks, I have everything for a successful attack… After I tell you everything, there will be an interview… 


There are dead. Bodies are taken to the place that you indicate in your will. Everyone is buried on alleys of heroes, where such exist.

You will go home only after half a year passes by receiving a pardon. Those who want to stay with us will stay with us, therefore, there is no chance you are coming back here."


  • On 4 July, Vazhnyie Novosti (Important News) reported that prisoners in penitentiary establishments of Saint-Petersburg were getting recruited as "conscripts" to go to war in Ukraine as part of Wagner PMC
  • On 20 July, Vazhnyie Novosti (Important News) stated that Wagner PMC had hired Russian prisoners in half a dozen penitentiary establishment of Russia 
  • Later, information appeared that almost all prisoners of 2 Russian penitentiary establishments, recruited by Wagner PMC for a war in Ukraine, had been killed

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