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Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroy Russian mortars, anti-aircraft missile system, and ammunition storage point

Wednesday, 26 October 2022, 03:30
Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroy Russian mortars, anti-aircraft missile system, and ammunition storage point


Ukrainian defenders have repelled Russians attempts to break the defence line in the south of Ukraine and have killed 26 invaders, destroying their mortars, an anti-aircraft missile system, and an ammunition storage point. 

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South)


Quote: "The enemy attacked out positions from the sky in the afternoon [on 25 October - ed.]. Our aircraft carried out three strikes on clusters of manpower, weapons, and equipment as a response.

The enemy, trying to improve its positions, twice tried to break through our positions on different fronts in the second half of the day, using up to a platoon of soldiers, in some places with the support of armoured combat vehicles. 

Both attempts came under small arms fire. The attacks were repelled, one armoured combat vehicle was destroyed, and the enemy retreated with losses. 


Our units have not sustained any losses. The losses of the enemy are being clarified."

Details: Peaceful civilian settlements were struck two times over the day of combat.

Recently liberated Tryfonivka in Kherson Oblast was attacked using a tank, and Vyshchetarasivka in Nikopol district (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) came under fire from multiple-launch rocket systems.

Residential buildings were damaged in Tryfonivka, one civilian was injured. Information regarding victims and the scale of destruction in the Nikopol district is being confirmed. 

Air defence units shot down two kamikaze drones, launched from the direction of Crimea, in the late evening in Kherson Oblast.

Ukrainian Rocket and Artillery Forces carried out 217 fire tasks.

The Command has reported the following confirmed Russian losses: 26 soldiers, 4 mortars, 1 TOR anti-aircraft missile system, 6 armoured combat vehicles, and 1 ammunition storage point. The rest of the losses are being explored. 

The Russian flotilla has decreased its number to 9 in the Black Sea, but has reinforced it qualitatively with a submarine. Therefore three missile launchers, including the submarine, are at the ready, which means that 20 Kalibr cruise missiles are also on standby.

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