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Troops on border with Ukraine head back to permanent deployment point – Belarusian Defense Ministry

Thursday, 15 December 2022, 11:36
Troops on border with Ukraine head back to permanent deployment point – Belarusian Defense Ministry

The 38th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Belarus, which had been deployed to the border with Ukraine as part of a sudden inspection of combat readiness, is returning to the city of Brest.

Source: Ministry of Defence of Belarus on Telegram on the morning of 15 December; Belaruski Hajun [an independent Belarusian military monitoring media outlet]

Quote from Defence Ministry: "The servicemen of the 38th Brest Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade are marching from the area of performing tasks to the permanent deployment point in the framework of a sudden inspection of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces."


Details: The Ministry of Defense of Belarus has posted a photo of the brigade's alleged return to the point of permanent deployment.

PHOTO Ministry of Defence of Belarus 

The Defence Ministry has also posted a video of the Belarusian military crossing the Neman River on 14 December.

SCREENSHOT from video Ministry of Defence of Belarus 

According to Belaruski Hajun, these are units of the 7th Separate Tank Battalion (consisting of at least 20 T-72B tanks) of the 11th Separate Mechanised Brigade.

Belaruski Hajun also reported that the 7th battalion of the 11th Brigade has most likely already arrived "on its own" to the Hoža training ground in Hrodna district and started performing combat and training tasks.

On the evening of 14 December, a military convoy consisting of about 20 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles of the 19th Separate Mechanised Brigade was spotted in Barysaw district, near the crossing of the Biarezina River.

According to the Belaruski Hajun, the convoy was heading to the 277th Barysaw combined arms training ground.


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