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National Guard of Ukraine explains why Offensive Guard was created: reserves and reinforcements needed

Wednesday, 8 February 2023, 16:26
National Guard of Ukraine explains why  Offensive Guard was created: reserves and reinforcements needed

Planned mobilisation and creation of voluntary assault brigades known as the Offensive Guard are aimed at, first and foremost, creating reserves, assault units and ensuring the possibility of military rotation for carrying out missions related to the defence of the country. 

Source: spokesman of the National Guard, Colonel Ruslan Muzychuk, on the air of the national newscast 

Quote: "Speaking of mobilisation [that is being carried out gradually since the start of the full-scale invasion – ed.], we say that the numbers of soldiers have to grow in the Armed Forces, National Guard and other military formations. Even more so, we see the situation at the frontline, what kind of tasks await us. We should not forget that we need to create reserves; there are servicemen who are at the front for months and have to be replaced. 


That is why mobilisation and acquisition of such assault brigades aim for the same goal — ensuring the safety of our country, and our victory."

Details: In addition to that, the Russians are do not cease their efforts to reach the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast; the combat has also become much more intense on the Lyman and Kupiansk fronts (according to Muzychuk, in the last 24 hours alone, 40 settlements were attacked).

The increasing losses of the occupiers indicate that the Russians actively use manpower, transfer reserves and units from other directions. The defence forces of Ukraine courageously repulse the assault attempts and attacks, but they also need strengthening and rotation to ensure the fulfilment of tasks on the front line and at the border.

Regarding the formation of assault brigades of the Internal Affairs Ministry’s Offensive Guard, Muzychuk noted a fairly high level of activity in the submission of applications for admission: since 2 February, more than 9,000 applications have already been submitted. Most of them join the ranks of volunteer units of the National Guard.

The colonel emphasised that the volunteer units of the National Guard and other military formations have proven their worth on numerous occasions since 2014; they have fought victorious battles, participated in special operations, and became part of Ukraine’s heroic history.

The 8 volunteer assault brigades of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will be created, will also be appropriately trained, manned with motivated fighters, and their core will consist of military personnel with combat experience.

All volunteers have to go through psychological, medical and physical evaluations. 

Muzychuk noted that there are also women among the candidates who are applying; the average age of the female candidates is 33 years, the youngest of them is 18 years old. There are also people over 60 who nevertheless apply because they state that they have experience of serving in military formations, law enforcement agencies, or performed tasks in the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] or JFO [Joint Forces Operation] in previous years.


  • On 2 February, Ihor Klymenko, Acting Minister of Internal Affairs, said that the Interior Ministry had begun forming 8 assault brigades known as the Offensive Guard to strengthen the Armed Forces and liberate the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.
  • On 3 February, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the recruiting campaign had started quite actively.
  • All military personnel who will become stormtroopers in the Offensive Guard are promised a list of social guarantees, including the opportunity to get housing and medical treatment, as well as the opportunity to study at a university.

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