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UK Defence Intelligence on Bakhmut: "muddy conditions" and "short-range combat"

Wednesday, 26 April 2023, 09:59

Short-range combat is ongoing in the vicinity of the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, with Ukrainian forces’ ground lines of communication disrupted by muddy conditions.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence update on 26 April 2023

Details: UK Defence Intelligence reported that "heavy, short-range combat" was ongoing in the western district of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast.


The report stated that fighting on Bakhmut’s outskirts, in particular near the village of Khromove, was one of last week’s key developments. Ukraine is attempting to maintain control over its main supply route in the area, road no. 0506.

Other ground lines of communication available to Ukraine are likely to be disrupted by "muddy conditions on unsurfaced tracks".

"With the town having now been under attack for over 11 months, the Ukrainian defences of Bakhmut have now been integrated as one element of a much deeper defensive zone, which includes the town of Chasiv Yar to the west," the UK Defence Intelligence said.


Previously: On 18 April, the UK MoD reported that Russia was transferring additional forces from the front line near the city of Donetsk to Bakhmut.

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