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Ammunition shortage of Wagner Group quickly ends, Russians redouble attacks on Bakhmut

Tuesday, 4 April 2023, 14:32
Ammunition shortage of Wagner Group quickly ends, Russians redouble attacks on Bakhmut

Ammunition shortage, which Yevgeny Prigozhin, the owner of the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC), talked about, ended quickly; Russia redoubled air and artillery strikes on Bakhmut.

Source: Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces (SOF) citing an interview with a serviceman with alias Sokil (Falcon)

Quote: "The enemy had enough problems with ammunition, the head of Wagner was saying that they had no ammunition, so they could not continue their assaults. This was a great moment for us to raid and ambush their units.


But it all ended quickly, ammunition was delivered to them, artillery and airstrikes became twice as strong now."

Details: According to the soldier of the SOF, Russian artillery works non-stop: the shelling does not stop for a second. Drones (Russian Orlan), which track the movement of Ukrainian troops, also fly overhead, and the occupiers launch an air or artillery attack there immediately after [they spot the troops].

The occupiers are sending entire assault units to the city of Bakhmut itself. Russians suffer great losses, but new forces rush into battle to replace those killed, sometimes even during the battle. That is, the invaders use their own "as stepping stones".

According to Sokil, the Wagnerites use hard drugs or some other stimulants, because despite the landing of shells from several tens of metres away during battles, they go into battle without even ducking.

"There were cases when they stormed even without weapons, they simply tried to overpower with sheer numbers," Sokil describes the events.

According to the soldier, one should not underestimate Russians, who also have their own "motivation", planted by powerful Russian propaganda – the destruction of Ukraine.

The civilian population is suffering greatly from this genocide. According to various estimates, from 4,000 to 4,500 people remain there. They have access to neither water nor electricity. Due to constant shelling, they are mostly in basements, trying to stay close to the Ukrainian military.

The special officer notes that the situation in Bakhmut is currently the most difficult.

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