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Air Force shoots down 26 of 33 Shaheds

Sunday, 10 September 2023, 08:58
Air Force shoots down 26 of 33 Shaheds

The Air Forces has confirmed information about the overnight attack by Shahed UAVs- the Russians launched 33 kamikaze drones in Kyiv Oblast, 26 of which were destroyed.

Source: Air Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Quote from Air Forces: "33 Shaheds were launched in the direction of Kyiv Oblast overnight on 9-10 September. 26 Shahed-136/131s were destroyed as a result of combat work by Air Force assets and personnel, in cooperation with the air defence of other components of the Defence Forces of Ukraine."


Details: It is noted that the Russian drones were flying from the northern direction − from Kursk in Russia.


  • In early reports, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russia attacked Ukraine overnight with 32 Shaheds, 25 of which were destroyed by air defence.
  • Drone wreckage fell in several districts of Kyiv: in Shevchenko, it damaged an apartment in a high-rise building in Shevchenkivskyi District.

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