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Sevastopol residents help launch strike on Russian fleet – resistance forces

Wednesday, 13 September 2023, 19:54
Sevastopol residents help launch strike on Russian fleet – resistance forces

Representatives of the Atesh underground resistance movement said they launched a missile strike on the Russian fleet in Sevastopol.

Source: Atesh on Telegram

Details: The report says that the members of the underground resistance movement have been actively working to identify important military targets of the Russians over the past week. The movement also thanked Sevastopol residents who send data, photos and coordinates with valuable information on a daily basis.


Quote: "Agents from various fields were involved: civilians, military personnel of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and employees of the repair plant (the last stage of repair of one of the targets was held there).

The work resulted in the successful targeting of the large landing ship Minsk and the submarine Rostov-on-Don."


  • On the night of 12-13 September, the occupation authorities of Sevastopol claimed that a missile attack caused a fire to break out at a shipyard near Kilen-balka, and the Russian Ministry of Defence reported an attack by missiles and uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) that damaged two ships.
  • Ukraine's attack on the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in occupied Sevastopol can be considered a great success: a large landing ship was hit for the third time, and a submarine was hit for the first time.
  • OSINT researchers reported that a Ropucha-class large landing ship and a Kilo-class submarine were damaged at a shipyard in occupied Sevastopol. The Russian Telegram channel Baza wrote that, as a result of the attack, the large landing ship Minsk and the Rostov-on-Don diesel-electric submarine were damaged.
  • Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, thanked Ukrainian pilots for explosions in temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

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