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Overnight Russian Shahed attack on Lviv Oblast: 3 strikes, fires still being put out

Tuesday, 19 September 2023, 09:12
Overnight Russian Shahed attack on Lviv Oblast: 3 strikes, fires still being put out

Three strikes on industrial warehouses in Lviv were recorded as a result of a Russian attack using Shahed kamikaze drones on the night of 18-19 September. 15 Russian drones were destroyed.

Source: Maksym Kozytskyi, Head of Lviv Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote: "As per the information available at the moment, 18 Shahed drones flew in the direction of our region. 15 of them were shot down by Air Command Zakhid (West). Seven were shot down directly in Lviv Oblast airspace. These numbers may change slightly, as the information is being clarified, but even now we can imagine the scale of the attack and the scope of work that the regional air defence had to do. Unfortunately, there were three strikes to industrial warehouses in Lviv. Fortunately, there were no casualties."


Details: Kozytskyi said that a 26-year-old man who was in the warehouse at the time of the attack was injured in the attack. He was taken to hospital in a moderate condition.

There was also a woman at the scene who did not need hospitalisation.

Kozytskyi added that fires broke out in four locations in the warehouses. The fires are still being extinguished. 

"I want to emphasise that these are ordinary industrial warehouses. Nothing military was stored there," he stressed.


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