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Attack on Kyiv Oblast damages 21 buildings; debris falls in Mezhyhirya National Park

Thursday, 21 September 2023, 18:55
Attack on Kyiv Oblast damages 21 buildings; debris falls in Mezhyhirya National Park
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21 private family homes and more than 20 cars were damaged in Kyiv Oblast as a result of the Russian nighttime attack on 21 September. The number of casualties has risen to three.

Source: Kyiv Oblast Military Administration on Telegram

Details: According to the Kyiv Oblast Military Administration, three people were injured in the Russian attack. All of them were hospitalised with various injuries of moderate severity.

Windows, doors, roofs and facades were damaged in private family homes due to falling debris. There were no hits to critical or residential infrastructure in Kyiv Oblast.


Quote: "The building of a vocational educational institution was damaged, and the windows were broken. During the air-raid warning, 160 students and 35 adults were in the shelter, so no one was injured.

Debris also fell on the territory of one of the medical institutions in the oblast and Mezhyhirya National Park."


  • On the night of 20-21 September, Russia fired 43 missiles on civilian cities in Ukraine. 
  • On 21 September, Ukraine's Defence Forces shot down 36 Russian cruise missiles out of 43 launched by 10 Tu-95MS strategic aircraft from the area west of Engels airfield.
  • A hotel building was destroyed in Cherkasy due to a missile attack. As a result, a fire broke out, and retail units at the market caught fire.

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