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Russian forces step up attacks on Avdiivka over past 5 days

Tuesday, 10 October 2023, 20:16
Russian forces step up attacks on Avdiivka over past 5 days

Russian occupying forces have intensified attacks on the city of Avdiivka with aircraft, artillery and armoured vehicles and have now launched assault operations along almost the entire front in Ukraine’s east.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda’s sources in the Ukrainian Defence Forces

Quote: "It's always been tough here, but now it's even worse: the enemy is actively storming our positions in [the settlement of] Marinka and further south, near [the settlement of] Novomykhailivka, where it had been quiet for a long time.


Therefore, almost all units of the brigade are under attack. Armoured vehicles are being actively used."

Details: The source said the Russians have intensified their attacks and have been carrying out regular bombardments for the past 5 days.

The Russian army is launching air strikes against Avdiivka using drones and Su-35 jets to drop guided aerial bombs.

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