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Ukrainian defenders destroy aircraft and 6 helicopters

Wednesday, 18 October 2023, 08:18
Ukrainian defenders destroy aircraft and 6 helicopters

Ukrainian defenders killed 620 Russian invaders and destroyed 15 armoured combat vehicles, 2 tanks, 8 artillery systems, 1 fixed-wing aircraft and 6 helicopters belonging to the Russian army over the past 24 hours, the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces has reported.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Details: The total combat losses of Russian troops between 24 February 2022 and 18 October 2023 are estimated to be as follows [figures in parentheses represent the latest losses – ed.]:

  • 290,050 (+620) military personnel
  • 4,981 (+2) tanks
  • 9,420 (+15) armoured combat vehicles
  • 6,944 (+8) artillery systems
  • 814 (+0) multiple-launch rocket systems
  • 547 (+0) air defence systems
  • 319 (+1) fixed-wing aircraft
  • 323 (+6) helicopters
  • 5,301 (+10) tactical UAVs
  • 1,534 (+1) cruise missiles
  • 20 (+0) ships and boats
  • 1 (+0) submarines
  • 9,303 (+10) vehicles and tankers
  • 982 (+0) special vehicles and other equipment
Втрати Росії у війні проти України на 18.10.2023
THE General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Update: The Public Relations Department has clarified to Ukrainska Pravda that a Su-25 bomber was shot down by Ukrainian defenders at around 10:00 on 17 October near Avdiivka. 

As for helicopters, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that six helicopters were downed as a result of a strike on airfields in the temporarily occupied cities of Luhansk and Berdiansk.

Background: The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck air bases near occupied Berdiansk and Luhansk on the night of 16-17 October. The Ukrainian General Staff reported that Ukrainian Rocket Forces and Artillery hit two helicopters at their landing sites, an ammunition storage point and an artillery vehicle belonging to the Russians.


The Special Operations Forces later reported that runways at the air bases were damaged, and nine helicopters with different modifications, special equipment parked at the air bases, an air defence system, and an ammunition storage were destroyed.

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