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Biden's team hints White House could veto US budget without funds for Ukraine aid

Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 22:54
Biden's team hints White House could veto US budget without funds for Ukraine aid
Joe Biden. Stock photo

John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the White House National Security Council, did not rule out that US President Joe Biden could veto the budget bill which would not have funds to help Ukraine.

Source: Kirby told it to reporters at a briefing on Tuesday, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The White House official declined to directly answer the question of whether Biden was ready to veto if the Congress votes for its own budget bill which would not provide for spending for Ukraine.


Quote: "I think we’ve been very clear how deeply concerning this House Republican bill is and how it doesn’t meet out national security needs," Kirby said.

"And as Commander in Chief, the president going to do anything that doesn’t meet our national security needs," he added.

The White House has requested additional budget support from the Congress for more than US$105 billion, of which $61.4 billion was intended for Kyiv.

But on Monday, Republicans in the US House of Representatives introduced a US$14.3 billion aid bill for Israel separate from Ukraine.

Mike Johnson, newly-elected Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives, said last week that he wants assistance to Israel and Ukraine to be considered separately in the House. According to him, the assistance provided to Kyiv should be considered more closely.

The path to further implement Biden's funding plan looks uncertain. Democrats and many Republicans in the Senate support Biden's strategy of combining aid to Ukraine with support for Israel.

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