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Technology wins war, so we have advantage – Ukraine's Defence Minister to IT coalition participants

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 14:09
Technology wins war, so we have advantage – Ukraine's Defence Minister to IT coalition participants
Rustem Umierov has held a meeting with military attachés amid the IT coalition. photo: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Ukraine's Defence Minister Rustem Umierov has held a meeting with military attachés amid the IT coalition in Kyiv, and representatives of over 30 member countries of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group have attended the event.

Source: Ukraine's Defence Ministry

Quote from Umierov: "Technology will win the war. The Russians can mobilise millions for cannon fodder assaults, and their factories east of the Urals work in three shifts. But our advantage will be ensured by asymmetric responses, which are possible thanks to innovations that are already working.


We invent technologies, test them, and scale them. And we can do it faster and more with your help."

Рустем Умєров звернувся до учасників IT-коаліції
Rustem Umierov turned to the participants of the coalition
Photo: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Details: Deputy Defence Minister Kateryna Chernohorenko noted during her speech that the IT coalition initiative is designed to provide the necessary digital basis to support deploying any new technological solutions.

She said Ukraine has become a "battleground for testing several military solutions" and partners can use it.

Quote from Chernohorenko: "I want to encourage you to use this opportunity. The whole world must be ready to use technology in any war. Ukraine can provide you with this expertise, these capabilities, and these platforms for you to become part of our victory. The victory in the war of technology."

Details: The presentation of the Delta situational awareness platform created by the Defence Technology Innovation and Development Centre of Ukraine's Defence Ministry was a successful example of Ukrainian development and integration on the battlefield.

The developers shared the results of successful military operations with the meeting's participants, which became possible thanks to Delta's usage.

They presented new system modules created to digitalise army paper processes and designed to speed up the cycle of reconnaissance and strikes.

Delta system developer, Major Yelyzaveta Boiko, noted that technologies have fundamentally changed the war during the past year.

"There is no chance to win on the battlefield without them. We understand that we must create the highest quality IT products for the military needs as quickly as possible. Therefore, we use our resources and involve partners," she said during her speech.

Разработчик системы DELTA Елизавета Бойко выступила на встрече представителей IT-коалиции
Yelyzaveta Boyko, the DELTA system developer, made a speech at the IT coalition meeting
Photo: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

The partners participating in the briefing were also informed about the priority needs that Ukraine expects to receive from the IT coalition participants.

The first need is tactical communications and battalion equipment for high-quality combat management.

The second one concerns the modernisation of the Defence Ministry infrastructure, which will allow the continuation of the priority deployment of digital solutions.

Estonia and Luxembourg, the IT coalition's leading countries representatives, also addressed the participants and called on their partners to join this vital initiative.

Reference: The IT Coalition is a special group of states within the Ukraine Defence Contact Group (Ramstein format) under Estonia and Luxembourg's leadership, which is focused on providing support to Ukraine's Defence Ministry and the Armed Forces in the IT field, communications, and cyber security.

As of now, six countries are participating in the initiative, including Estonia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania. Iceland is due to become another member soon.

Background: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Valerii Zaluzhnyi emphasised that advanced technologies were required to win the war with Russia, which was moving into a "positional" struggle entailing dull and tiresome battles. He insisted that Ukraine faces a drawn-out trench war in the absence of a potent technological leap and new technologies, as the parties' current technological capabilities have already brought the situation to a standstill.

Drones gave Ukraine a temporary advantage, but Russia also started producing more of them.

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