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EU almost agreed on decision to use frozen Russian assets in favour of Ukraine

Tuesday, 7 November 2023, 20:40

The European Union is approaching a decision on a common legal mechanism for using frozen Russian assets in favour of Ukraine.

Source: Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, speaking to journalists, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Kuleba noted that one of the topics of his conversation with Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice, concerned establishing a pan-European legal framework for utilising frozen Russian assets in the interests of Ukraine's recovery.


"This issue is sensitive; we have repeatedly stressed that the pause between the EU's promise to adopt such a legal framework and its actual adoption has been protracted... Today, I received a clear answer about the timeframe and content of this decision to be made," said Kuleba.

"We will keep up the pressure on this issue as we believe that Russia must pay for the crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine and the destruction it has caused," he added.

Background: Kuleba also said he had examined the EU's vision of a possible form of a special tribunal to bring Russia to justice for the crime of aggression.

In addition, Kuleba stated that Ukraine is disappointed with the lack of EU proposals for sanctions against the Russian nuclear sector, although the country has suggested ways to eliminate the EU dependence on Russia in this regard.

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