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It makes no sense – Ukrainian Air Force spokesman on jet engines for Shahed drones

Friday, 15 December 2023, 17:50
It makes no sense – Ukrainian Air Force spokesman on jet engines for Shahed drones
Yurii Ihnat. Photo: Army inform

Yurii Ihnat, spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force, has said that the information about a new modification of the Iran-made Shahed drones with jet engines is already at the front that is being spread in Russia is fake.

Source: Ihnat in a comment for Ukrainska Pravda

Quote: "There is no such information. This information emerged in Russian Telegram-channels where some Russian grandpa put on a military uniform and was interviewed by Russian propagandists.


Basically, this man was invited and showed an Iranian presentation about a Shahed drone with jet engines, and he decided that such drones are already being used somewhere in Ukraine.

He even described tactical-technical characteristics and said that it flies 600 km and more. A super-weapon. It only exists in the propagandists’ imagination.

I get it that it is possible that Russia may want to acquire this model as well, but what for?"


Details: Ihnat explained that a drone equipped with a jet engine is no longer a drone but a cruise missile.

He remarked that it makes no sense since in this case the drone would not be able to carry a large quantity of explosives, its weight is increased, and therefore the warhead and the damage radius get smaller.

Ihnat added that such drones would be costly, and their production would take more time than that of ordinary Shahed drones.

He noted that it was after the new Iranian presentation the Russians started painting their UAVs black.

Background: In November, a new reactive attack drone Shahed-238 was presented in Iran.

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