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Direct Line with Putin: Russians most interested in when the war will end – survey

Wednesday, 6 December 2023, 11:31
Direct Line with Putin: Russians most interested in when the war will end – survey

Prior to the upcoming Direct Line with Vladimir Putin, an annual televised event in which the president responds to Russian citizens’ questions live for several hours, Russians are most interested in when and how the war with Ukraine will end.

Source: results of a survey conducted on 23-29 November by the Russian Levada Centre analytical service 

Details: 21% of Russians want to know when the war will end. Among the variations of this question were the following: "When will there be peace?", "When will the 'special military operation' end?", "When will we win?", "What is being done to end this operation?" and "When will mobilisation end?"


In general, the issue of war is leading by a huge margin.

A total of 8% of Russians want to ask about pensions, when pensioners will "live normally", about social programmes, unaffordable housing, poor healthcare and education.

Another 7% are worried about low salaries and the question of when the standard of living will rise.

Another 6% would like to ask when the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will leave power, how he sees the future of Russia and "how will we live going forward".

Only 2% of respondents would ask questions about foreign policy and corruption.

4% have no questions for Putin or are satisfied with everything. 10% of Russians do not want to ask the dictator anything and will not watch the Direct Line.

Another 20% could not formulate a question. 


The survey was conducted on 23-29 November among a representative all-Russian sample of 1,625 urban and rural residents aged 18 and older in 137 settlements and 50 federal subjects of Russia. The research is conducted at the respondent's home by means of a personal interview. The distribution of answers is given as a percentage of the total number.

The statistical error for a sample of 1,600 people (with a probability of 0.95) does not exceed: 3.4% for figures close to 50%; 2.9% for figures close to 25%/75%; 2% for figures close to 10%/90%; and 1.5% for figures close to 5%/95%.


  • Earlier, the Kremlin announced that the Direct Line with Putin would take place on 14 December. This will be the first interaction between the Russian dictator and Russian people since the start of the war against Ukraine.

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