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Majority of Ukrainians do not support elections during war

Poll finds Ukrainians' opinion on the country's post-war borders

Ukrainians see Western support as key to success in war, poll finds

Half of Germans support West's reliance on military power to counter Russian aggression

73% of Ukrainians ready to endure war for as long as necessary – infographics

Ukrainians start to view China and Hungary as unfriendly countries – survey

Polls show slight decrease in number of people expecting full liberation of Ukrainian territory at end of war

Ukrainians view US and Poland as friendly countries, but with decreasing results – survey

Number of Ukrainians favour one presidential term for Zelenskyy increases

Ukrainians believe Ukraine is moving towards unity – infographics

Poll shows majority of Ukrainians oppose Zaluzhnyi's dismissal – infographic

Europeans are more favourable to Ukraine's accession to EU than to other candidates

58% of Ukrainians stand for continuing to fight Russia, even without Western help – infographic

Almost 50% of Americans support further aid to Ukraine

Direct Line with Putin: Russians most interested in when the war will end – survey

Almost half of Ukrainians believe situation at front will improve in winter, poll finds

41% of Americans believe US is too supportive of Ukraine

70% of Ukrainians believe government can be criticised for wrong decisions even during war

Ukrainians consider corruption biggest problem besides war − Kyiv International Institute of Sociology

National newscast trusted by 44% of Ukrainians, Zelenskyy leads public figures list

Vast majority of Ukrainians believe in victory and return of all territories

60% of Ukrainians ready to wait for EU membership for sake of Ukraine's interests

Trust in Ukrainian president and government increases

Half of Ukrainians see positive developments in fight against corruption

Over 90% of Kyiv residents believe Ukraine will defeat Russia in war

Almost 50% of Ukrainian think Russia has enough resources for long war

Number of Ukrainians who believe in conflict within authorities and West's fatigue increases

Russia successfully manipulates public opinion by labelling "foreign agents" – UK intelligence

More than half of Ukrainian refugees in Czechia have faced aggression

Half of Ukrainians believe that allies should support Ukraine only if it fights corruption