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Occupants say pro-Russian "council member" dies in explosion

Wednesday, 6 December 2023, 15:35
Occupants say pro-Russian council member dies in explosion
Oleh Popov. Photo: occupation authorities in Luhansk Oblast

The Russians have claimed that a car with Oleh Popov, the so-called member of the people's council of the "LPR" (self-proclaimed and non-recognised Luhansk People’s Republic), inside exploded in the temporarily occupied city of Luhansk, and he was wounded.

Source: collaborator Volodymyr Rohov; RIA Novosti, a Kremlin-aligned Russian news outlet; anonymous pro-Russian Telegram channels

Details: RIA Novosti reported that a car burned down in the centre of Luhansk near the Avangard stadium. Firefighters arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire, but the causes and details of the incident were not clarified. 


RIA Novosti did not specify whether anyone was injured in the explosion. 

Anonymous Russian Telegram channels claimed that the car was blown up and that Oleh Popov, the so-called member of the people's council of the "LPR", was inside the car. He was reportedly injured.

Collaborator Volodymyr Rohov also claimed that Popov was wounded. He said that "the council member was" there.

Updated: TASS reports with reference to the commentary from the occupying authorities of Luhansk Oblast that Popov died after his car has been blown up.

Screenshot from video


  • In September 2022 Russian propagandists also spread the information about the alleged death of Popov. Some Ukrainian Telegram channels stated he had been assassinated by Russian special services.
  • In February 2023, Russian media "found out" that an attempt on his life had allegedly been orchestrated. After a "failed attempt" Popov disappeared and, according to Russian media, "the game of Russian special services" started.
  • It was stated that the members of the Security Service of Ukraine were really behind the attempt on his life.
  • In February, the occupying authorities of Luhansk Oblast told Russian journalists that Popov "started exercising authority as a Member of Parliament".
Взрыв авто в Луганске
Explosion of a car in Luhansk

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