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Whole families of Yakuts and Buryats are brought to Luhansk Oblast "to do repairs"

Ukraine's Security Service behind car bomb killing of pro-Russian collaborator in Luhansk

Occupants say pro-Russian "council member" dies in explosion

Ukrainian Armed Forces confirm their attack on oil depot in occupied Luhansk

Oil depot ablaze in Luhansk at night, occupiers reported drone attack

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence was behind killing of former head of "Luhansk People's Republic Militia"

Former head of "Luhansk People's Republic militia" assassinated in occupied Luhansk

Satellite shows damage to Luhansk airfield after strikes by Ukraine's Armed Forces

9 helicopters and air defence systems struck at air bases of Berdiansk and Luhansk, runways damaged

Ukrainian Air Force explains why strikes on Luhansk and Berdiansk airfields are crucial

Ukrainian forces strike Russian airfields near occupied Berdiansk and Luhansk: 2 helicopters hit

Russian armoured personnel carrier runs into civilian car in occupied Luhansk

Russian rocket storage point destroyed in Luhansk this morning

Explosions rock Russian-occupied Luhansk

Russian media reports about explosions in occupied Luhansk

Russian media report on explosions in occupied Luhansk

Russians are "evacuating" documentation from occupied Kreminna – National Resistance Center

Russians use civilian hospital in Luhansk to treat Wagner PMC soldiers

Explosions heard in Luhansk again

Ukraine's Security Service is behind the attack on occupying "Internal Minister" of Luhansk – source

Official from occupying administration injured in explosion in Luhansk

Occupiers report another explosion in centre of Luhansk

Occupiers report new explosions in Luhansk: bus station and military academy under attack

Russian media report new explosions in occupied Luhansk

Occupiers claim MP injured in Luhansk

Column of smoke rises over Russian-occupied Luhansk after explosions rock the city

Russian occupiers in Luhansk Oblast limit numbers at funeral processions and insist that mobilised soldiers be cremated

Iranian instructors arrive in Luhansk to train Russian military on how to launch Shahed drones

New mass burial of Wagnerites found near Luhansk

Mobilised Russians refuse to conduct offensive in Donetsk Oblast more often – General Staff