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Ukrainian Air Force can't yet confirm Russia used ballistic missiles from North Korea

Friday, 5 January 2024, 10:23
Ukrainian Air Force can't yet confirm Russia used ballistic missiles from North Korea
Yurii Ihnat. Photo: Ukraine’s Air Force

Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for Ukraine’s Air Force, has said that the Air Force could not confirm information about Russia's use of ballistic missiles purchased from North Korea.

Source: Yurii Ihnat on air during the 24/7 national joint newscast

Quote: "It is certain that they fired ballistic missiles, but we will find out what kind of ballistic missiles [these were] and who made them. So far, we have no evidence that such missiles were used. 


The United States has made a statement in this regard. Therefore, experts will examine some of the wreckage, and then we can say whether this is a fact or not. I can't confirm this yet."

Details: Ihnat also said that among the weapons that North Korea has, there are many Soviet weapons, and many technologies provided by the Soviet Union: "Maybe even identical. So we should hardly expect anything new. The Iskander [missiles] may be different in some ways, but not too much."


  • Unnamed US officials commented to US media outlets that Russia plans to purchase short-range ballistic missiles from Iran and is already receiving dozens of ballistic missiles and launchers from North Korea.
  • On 4 January, John Kirby said that Russia had already used missiles purchased from North Korea in Ukraine at least twice: on 30 December 2023, a missile hit an open field in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, and another on 2 January 2024 (the aftereffects of its use are still being assessed).
  • The United States is preparing additional sanctions against those involved in the provision of military assistance to Russia from North Korea and Iran, including ballistic missiles.

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