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European Commission appeals to Polish government regarding blockade of border with Ukraine: Very concerned

Monday, 8 January 2024, 17:29
European Commission appeals to Polish government regarding blockade of border with Ukraine: Very concerned
Stock photo: Getty Images

Adina Vǎlean, European Commissioner for Transport, has written a letter to Dariusz Klimczak, Polish Minister of Infrastructure, expressing her concern about the continued blockade of border crossing points with Ukraine by Polish hauliers.

Source: This was reported by RMF FM, European Pravda writes

Details: In her letter, Vǎlean reminded the Polish minister "of Poland's commitment to ensure the free movement of vehicles at border crossings with Ukraine in accordance with the EU-Ukraine Road Transport Agreement".


To resolve the situation, the European Commission offered cooperation and support, adding that it "continues to monitor the situation closely".

A spokesperson for the European Commission confirmed that the letter was sent, adding that the agency "remains very concerned about the blocking of the Dorohusk border crossing, as well as the fact that other border crossings between Poland and Ukraine remain blocked".

He also reiterated that violation of the obligations of EU member states "may lead to measures provided for by the treaties to remedy such violations" – that is, to a lawsuit in the Court of Justice of the European Union.

RMF FM's EU source did not rule out that, "if necessary," another trilateral meeting between representatives of Poland, Ukraine and the European Commission would be held to resolve the border blockade, the last of which took place on 18 December.

Since early November, Polish hauliers have been blocking three checkpoints on the border with Ukraine, demanding, first of all, the return of the permit system for Ukrainian drivers, which was cancelled in 2022 under the 'transport visa-free regime' agreement.

At the end of December, it was reported that the governments of Ukraine and Poland had agreed on an action plan to unblock the border, but full unblocking has not yet occurred.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, it was announced that Czesław Siekierski, Poland’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and representatives of the Oszukana Wieś (Deceived Village) movement have signed an agreement to end the blocking of the border crossing point with Ukraine at Medyka.

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