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Shootout between MMA fighter and bodyguard of "Donetsk People's Republic official" happens in Moscow – video

Thursday, 15 February 2024, 16:06
Shootout between MMA fighter and bodyguard of Donetsk People's Republic official happens in Moscow – video
Armen Sarkisian (aka Horlivskyi). Photo: Russian media

14 February saw a shootout take place in central Moscow between Chechen MMA fighter Rasul Ochaev and the security guards of Emiliia Sarkisian, daughter of Armen Sarkisian [the "honorary president of the Donetsk People's Republic Boxing Federation"].

Source: Kremlin-aligned Russian news agency, RIA Novosti

Details: A source told RIA Novosti that the shootout occurred on Plyushchikha Street. Ochaev was the first to shoot. He is now in hospital.


The incident will be investigated as a case of hooliganism.

Armen and Emiliia Sarkisian (archive photo).
Source: Russian media

According to the Telegram channel of well-known propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, the shooting started because of a "road conflict".

Moscow 24 reported that the shooters were detained by the traffic police and the National Guard of Russia. Three people were injured.

Update: The Telegram channel MASH is reporting that among the victims is Rasul Ochaev, 29, an MMA fighter from Chechnya. A bullet lodged in his thigh. He was in a black Lexus with a friend when he was involved in an accident near the Golden Ring Hotel. 

A collision occurred with Emiliia Sarkisian's car. She asked her father to "help her", and his armed guards arrived at the scene, whereupon the shootout began.

Three people are in hospital as a result: Ochaev and two of Armen Sarkisian's guards.

Rasul Ochaev (2014 year)
Photo: Rasul Ochaev's Facebook page

For reference: Armen Sarkisian (aka Horlivskyi) is a notorious crime lord from the Donetsk mafia of the Yanukovych era [the fourth president of Ukraine, 2010-14 – ed.] who was appointed as "overseer" of prisons in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

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