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emergency event

Shootout between MMA fighter and bodyguard of "Donetsk People's Republic official" happens in Moscow – video

Fire breaks out at military facility in Russia's Stavropol: headquarters ablaze

Threats to journalist Nikolov: journalist says police released defendants in his case

Somali rebels capture UN helicopter with four Ukrainians on board – Ukraine's Foreign Ministry

Former deputy prosecutor general and her daughter found dead in Kyiv

Boeing plane flying from Moscow makes emergency landing due to engine failure

Civilian ship hits Russian mine in Black Sea – photo

Death of Commander-in-Chief's aide: court imposes pre-trial restriction

Aircraft catches fire during takeoff in Russia

Ukrainian spy chief's wife poisoned – Ukrainska Pravda source

Russian occupying authorities claim Crimea faced "Armageddon" during severe weather, state of emergency introduced

Death of Commander-in-Chief's aide: Prosecutor's Office to appeal court decision concerning suspected officer

Death of Commander-in-Chief's aide: no pre-trial restriction placed on suspected officer

Death of Commander-in-Chief's aide: officer served with notice of suspicion

Investigation considers 4 lines of enquiry in case of Zaluzhnyi's aide death

State Bureau of Investigations to investigate death of aide of Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief

Ukraine's Internal Affairs Ministry reveals new details about recent death of aide of Commander-in-Chief

Ukraine's Interior Minister on death of Commander-in-Chief's aide: he took a grenade from a child and triggered explosion

Aide to Ukraine's commander-in-chief killed at home near Kyiv in grenade explosion

Thermoelectric power plant which heats 1.5 million households in Moscow on fire

Anthrax found in Voronezh Oblast, state of emergency declared

Russian Su-25 attack aircraft crashes in Sea of Azov

One unit operational at Kurakhove TPP despite building collapse

Aftermath of Kakhovka HPP explosion: 30% of water samples in three regions do not meet the standards

Elite residential complex catches fire in centre of Russian Belgorod

Conflagration breaks out in plastic warehouse in Russian Voronezh

Iskander missile complex crashes into fence near St Petersburg

Evacuation operation underway in flooded Kramatorsk

Hundreds of houses flooded in Kramatorsk due to destroyed gateway, water rising

State Bureau of Investigation reveals details of deaths of four soldiers in Desna training centre