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Failure to help Ukraine could harm US economy – German defence minister

Sunday, 18 February 2024, 18:02
Failure to help Ukraine could harm US economy – German defence minister
German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius. Stock photo: Getty Images

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has urged American lawmakers to approve the additional aid for Ukraine that is currently stalled in Congress, warning that failure to support Kyiv could damage America’s economic interests.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Bloomberg

Details: Pistorius stated that if the Kremlin’s aggression is not stopped, it could not only hinder cooperation in the security sector and harm US defence contractors, but also weaken Europe as a whole and disrupt the EU’s trading relationship with the world’s biggest economy.


Quote: "One aspect among many others of our transatlantic cooperation is that we signed hundreds of contracts worth billions of dollars and we are about to prepare new contracts. It’s obvious that the alliance for security brings many advantages – for both sides."

More details: Pistorius also warned of the consequences of Ukraine’s defeat not only for Europe but also for the US, stating that the Russian invasion is a threat to the "rules-based international order".

"Geographically, Europe is far away from Iowa or Wisconsin, but still it’s very close in terms of security policy. Less security in Europe means less security for the United States," Pistorius said.

He urged US lawmakers not to take freedom for granted, saying that it must be defended and fought for if necessary.

Pistorius stressed that European countries should supply Ukraine with more weapons and noted that he sees the allies supporting Kyiv more and more.

"The UK is also doing more and more, and also France is increasing its support. I’m absolutely confident that we will be able to achieve a lot of support during the months and years to come. But of course it’s not easy. Money is not limitless," Pistorius said.


The US House of Representatives went on recess until the end of February without considering a package bill including funding for military aid for Ukraine that had already been approved by the Senate.

The House of Representatives also introduced a bill with less aid for Ukraine than the amount suggested by US President Joe Biden.

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