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Russian media reports suicide of pro-war blogger at odds with leading Russian propagandist

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 10:59
Russian media reports suicide of pro-war blogger at odds with leading Russian propagandist

Russian media outlets and propagandists have reported the suicide of pro-war blogger Andrei "Murz" Morozov. He left a suicide note saying he was in conflict with leading Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov and his associates.

Source: Morozov’s Telegram channel; Latvia-based Russian media outlet Meduza; Novaya Gazeta Europe, a Russian socio-political newspaper; Radio Liberty’s Russian Service

Details: Morozov released a lengthy post on Telegram on the morning of 21 February, announcing that he had decided to commit suicide because he had to delete a post about the deaths of 16,000 Russian soldiers in the battle for the town of Avdiivka.


He claimed that after writing about Russian casualties, the command forced him to delete the post owing to pressure from "political prostitutes led by Vladimir Solovyov who are too chickens**t to pull the trigger themselves".

Quote: "Well, I'll do it myself. I'll shoot myself if no one dares to take on this petty business."

More details: Earlier, propagandists Yulia Vityazeva and Armen Gasparyan criticised Morozov on air of the Kremlin-aligned Solovyov LIVE programme. They called his post a "piece of s**t, promoting defeatist ideas" that "reads like slanderous fake news against the Russian Ministry of Defence", as well as a "brutal discreditation" of the Russian army.

The fact that Morozov eventually committed suicide was reported by lawyer Maxim Pashkov, the wife of Russian pro-war nationalist Igor Strelkov and several other propaganda Telegram channels.

Morozov has been fighting as part of the Russian-backed "Militia of the Luhansk People's Republic" terrorist organisation since 2014. The Insider reported that he serviced drones and communication systems.

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