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Russian security forces breaking into home of Crimean activist, accuse her of extremism – photo

Thursday, 22 February 2024, 12:08
Russian security forces breaking into home of Crimean activist, accuse her of extremism – photo
Lutfiye Zudiyeva's house in Crimea being searched. Photo: Crimean Solidarity on social media

The Crimean Solidarity activist Lutfiye Zudiyeva’s house in Russian-occupied Crimea was entered without permission this morning (22 February) by Russian security forces, who hauled her off to the Centre for Countering Extremism before releasing her.

Source: Crimean Solidarity Human Rights Movement

Details: Human rights activists reported that the house in question was in the city of Dzhankoi, where the activist lives with her family.


The Russians were wearing masks and refused to explain what was happening. In addition, they filmed people who had come to watch the search take place. Lawyers were not allowed to enter the house.

Quote from Zudiyeva’s husband: "I woke up to loud stomping at 06:00 today. Checking the security camera, I realised it was law enforcement officers. They jumped the fence, opened the gate and entered the garden.

They knocked loudly on the door. I asked them to wait because we were getting dressed. They showed a warrant issued by the Kyiv District Court ordering an inspection [of the house]. But they [law enforcement officers] actually conducted a search, rummaging through everything and making us pull out belongings for inspection."

More details: During the search, a video surveillance recorder, all phones, flash drives and a laptop were seized from Lutfiye Zudiyeva's house.

The Russian occupying authorities took Lutfiye Zudiyeva to the Centre for Countering Extremism, although they later released her.

Лутфіє Зудієва
Lutfiya Zudieva
Photo: Crimean Solidarity’s website

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