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Polish Foreign Minister asks US to send weapons to Ukraine

Tuesday, 27 February 2024, 05:42
Polish Foreign Minister asks US to send weapons to Ukraine
Radosław Sikorski. Photo: Atlantic Council

Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski has spoken at the Atlantic Council, where he asked that the United States continue to support Ukraine.

Source: Sikorski during the Atlantic Council 

Details: Sikorski said that there are only three steps "separating us from a more secure and stable world".


Quote from Sikorski: "First, back Ukrainians with the ammo they urgently need.

Second, invest in our security to create a deterrence so powerful that it dwarfs Putin and his cronies.

Third, deepen and widen our alliances to secure a lasting peace from a position of strength.

We need to take these steps not to escalate the war in Ukraine but to prevent an even bigger global conflict, which currently slides ever closer towards our borders."

More details: Sikorski noted that the invasion of Ukraine is by no means a regional conflict. It is a war with global consequences, he stressed.

He also said he believes that if Ukraine is left without help, Putin will realise that he "can get away with whatever he wants".

Sikorski predicted that Putin would move much closer to the borders of NATO countries, threatening further military invasion of European countries, "where our children will have to fight him. After all, Putin has openly stated that the Russian border ‘doesn’t end anywhere’."

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