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Ukraine's Foreign Ministry on appeal by Transnistrian "lawmakers": Russia cannot be a peacemaker

Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 23:10
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry on appeal by Transnistrian lawmakers: Russia cannot be a peacemaker
Photo: Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has commented on the outcome of a "congress of lawmakers of all levels" held in Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region on 28 February. The "lawmakers" appealed to Russia with a request for "protection" from Moldova.

Source: European Pravda; statement by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Details: The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called for a peaceful solution to the problems between Chișinău and Tiraspol "without any destructive external interference" and recalled that Kyiv has consistently supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova.


"We consider the 5+2 negotiation format to be non-functional due to the presence of the aggressor state Russia, which cannot act as a peacekeeper in any peaceful settlement," the Foreign Ministry stressed.

The Foreign Ministry also recalled that Kyiv continues to advocate for the urgent withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria, the disposal of ammunition in a depot in Cobasna, and the reformatting of the mission on the Dniester River from military to civilian.


  • On 28 February, so-called "lawmakers" of all levels in unrecognised Transnistria gathered for a congress. They adopted an appeal to Russia requesting "protection from Moldovan pressure", having also appealed to a number of international organisations.
  • The Moldovan government described the claims that the Transnistrian "lawmakers" made in their address to Russia as propagandistic. In these claims, the congress accused Moldova of putting pressure on Transnistria and waging an "economic war" against it.
  • There had been fears before the congress was held that the so-called lawmakers might urge Moscow to annex the unrecognised region, but such speculation has met with official denials from Chișinău, Kyiv and Tiraspol.

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