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Argument resolved between Ukrainian drivers and Polish police near Korczowa checkpoint

Friday, 1 March 2024, 23:36
Argument resolved between Ukrainian drivers and Polish police near Korczowa checkpoint
Photo: European Pravda

Ukrainian diplomats have helped settle an argument between Ukrainian drivers and Polish police who blocked them near the Korczowa checkpoint at the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Source: Oleh Kuts, General Consul of Ukraine in Lublin, in a comment to Ukrinform, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Kuts reported that the Polish police had been persuaded not to penalise the Ukrainian drivers for holding an unauthorised gathering.


Quote: "We also managed to agree on a format for future interactions between the drivers, the protesters and the police to avoid escalation between the three parties further on."

According to this format, Ukrainian drivers will send two or three people to any negotiations with Polish farmers and give advance warning to the police officers on duty. Drivers will be allowed to go to a nearby food shop in groups of not more than 10.

Kuts added that the Ukrainian drivers had submitted their demands through the consulate to the local administration and the heads of the Lublin and Podkarpackie Voivodeships (provinces), their main request being that the number of lorries allowed to pass the Polish protesters per hour should be increased.

The drivers, who face very long waits in queues, have also asked for food, water and portable showers. The Ukrainian diplomats requested that there should be ambulances on duty at all times in the areas where Ukrainian drivers are queuing.

Background: Numerous protests by farmers have been ongoing across Poland over the last few days. The protesters are blocking roads, highways and border checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. The farmers are protesting against the influx of Ukrainian goods and calling for an end to the EU Green Deal.

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